`B’ Grade Urns

As with any retailer that has been in business for a while, we have amassed several B-grade items that we do not display on the website. The reason for this is that sometimes the defect is so small that it is difficult to see it on a photograph, but we know it’s there, so we put it aside as a B-grade. Another problem with B-grade is that each one is different, so we would have to take new pictures and write new descriptions for every urn.

We have concluded that it is simpler to contact us direct to see if we have the urn you like in a B-grade, then we can discuss the flaw and see if it would be appropriate or not.

B-grade items are still completely serviceable, and in some cases its hard to see the difference between B-grade and A-Grade urns, however they are considerably cheaper, and a perfect consideration if you are on a budget, they are to be kept out of sight or if they are to be placed in the ground, or any number of other reasons.

Please contact us for info on our available B-grade urns on 01359 220049 or email us at info@newlightcremationurns.co.uk