What size urn do I need?

As a guide you can say that 1 pound of body weight is equivalent to 1 cubic inch of cremation ashes. You will also see in the description of each urn that it is given a size (in volume) and estimated body weight suitability guidelines. However it must be pointed out that there are variables in the cremation process so these figures are only a way of estimating. If you need more help you can either contact us with the sizes of the containerthat the ashes are presently stored in and we will assist you in determining the volume and subsequently the correct size urn (it helps if the container is a square sided box) or you can speak to your funeral director and they could help you do the same.

How do I get the ashes in my urn?

When you receive the ashes they will be in some kind of container. We suggest that you put the ashes in a good size plastic bag, it's a very good idea to have someone with you to lend a hand so there are no mishaps. Then cut a corner of the bag and very slowly allow the ashes to pour into the urn, this process should be controlled carefully so as to avoid any of the ashes becoming airborne. This is just one suggestion and by no means the only way to do it , but if you don't feel comfortable about doing it at all, you can ask your funeral director to do it for you. To make matters easier still we can deliver your urn direct to the funeral director.

Can I put it outside?

You can put them out side however it is important to note that no decorative urns are designed to sit outside on display in all weather, and if that is where they are kept their surface finishes will deteriorate considerably. We would also say that to keep the insides dry you should carefully seal the opening with an appropriate silicone sealant and this should be inspected periodically for deterioration.

Should I seal my urn with something?

Brass urns have a threaded lid that is very secure, and you would only need to seal it if it were to be subjected to any moisture, and the same applies to ashes caskets and pet urns of a similar design. Sculptural pet urns, heart shaped keepsakes and urns with push on lids could, in certain circumstances benefit from sealing up, however it should be noted that it is not essential. Also jewellery can be sealed if it brings you peace of mind but is also not essential and can be done with either silicone sealant, superglue or epoxy. In the case for all the others, a silicone sealant is the perfect product and can be bought from any DIY store.

Will it rust?

Brass and aluminium urns will not rust at all, but steel urns could develop rust on bare metal areas,(of which there are very few) if subjected to moisture.

What are urns made of?

They can be made of many materials depending on their style and intended purpose, and you will see in the descriptions for each product that there are guidelines on this matter.

Can I put other things in the urn?

You can put anything that fits in the urn, so make sure your chosen urn is actually big enough. Some people scatter the ashes and use the urn to contain some small personal possessions. there are no rules regarding this.

How do they open and close?

Metal urns in the main have a screw down cap which is very secure however there are a few urns that have push on caps but these details are in the product descriptions. Sculptural pet urns and heart shaped urns and keepsakes close by screw fixing a small metal plate either on the back or underneath. Ashes caskets can also vary, with either a locking lid or a screw fixed base, and finally cremation ashes jewellery always has a little threaded plug (grub screw) that may or may not form part of the pendant link.

Can I return it if it's faulty?

Yes you can and you can see the full details outlined in our Returns policy, but it will be comforting to know that when an order is being processed all items are completely removed from their shipping packaging and thoroughly checked for damage or defects before being repacked by ourselves and shipped.

Will you send my urn direct to the funeral director?

Yes we will, we just need the funeral directors address.

Why is a keepsake urn different from an urn?

A keepsake is a very small urn that is designed to contain just a small amount of ashes, so that several family members can each have a memorial, in this respect they perform a similar task to ashes jewellery. An urn is designed to take the full amount of ashes .

What is ashes jewellery?

Ashes jewellery is designed in such a way that allows the wearer to carry a tiny memorial with them at all times. Ashes jewellery is very discrete (no larger them regular jewellery) so only holds a pinch of the cremation ashes.

How do I get the ashes in my jewellery?

When you buy ashes jewellery from Newlight Cremation Urns you will get a free kit that includes all the things you will need to get your ashes inside your chosen piece of jewellery. When you have done so you can then close it with the little threaded plug (grub screw) that is the method for closing all ashes jewellery and that may or may not form part of the pendant link. While closing up the jewellery you may choose to seal it with either silicone sealant, superglue or epoxy. If you are not comfortable you can take your jewellery and filling kit to your funeral director and ask them to do it for you. Don't forget the adhesive if you want them to seal it as well.

Can I shower or swim with my ashes jewellery on?

Your jewellery is quite safe when it's closed up properly however this closure can be improved by using a little silicon sealant, super glue or epoxy (for the more technical minded). Even so we do not recommend that you shower, bath or swim etc whilst wearing any ashes jewellery.

How does a pet urn differ from a human urn?

In essence they differ very little, they are made in much the same way and the quality is more or less the same, but the sizes do differ and the external decoration also differs considerably.

How do you ship goods and how long will it take?

We ship using either our courier or Royal Mail depending on the delivery location and the package size. UK deliveries usually take only 2/3 days but a great many customers receive goods within 24 hours. European deliveries or deliveries to the rest of the world can take anywhere between 4/10 days, and if you would like us to send it using any particular type of shipping just contact us with the details and we shall organise that for you.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery to UK addresses is absolutely free, however returns and exchanges do present some exceptions on occasion, so please see our Returns policy for more details. Details of overseas shipping charges can be found in our Delivery policy.

Do you accept non UK orders?

Yes we do, and you can contact us via email to get detailed information on shipping cost or delivery times.

I don't have a PayPal account, so can I pay by cheque?

Yes you can pay by cheque, bankers draft or by BACS however we do have to wait for the funds to clear in our bank account before shipping the goods. It should be pointed out that you can still use PayPal even if you don't have a PayPal account, you can just select your products and follow the link saying Pay with a debit or credit card and this will take you through the process of paying with a card in the Paypal terminal. All Cheque and other non PayPal payments must be made out to Newlight.

Do you get the stand with a keepsake urn?

No, these are sold separately and you can find them in the Accessories category.

How heavy are cremation urns?

Urns differ in weight depending on their size and the material from which they are made. You will see in the descriptions for each urn there are guidelines on this matter.

How big are cremation urns?

Urns differ in size depending on their particular design and intended purpose, e.g. child urn, adult urn, pet urn. You will see in the descriptions for each urn there are guidelines on this matter.

Urgent orders?

If you have a very urgent order , call us on 01359 220049 or contact us through our CONTACT PAGE and we will try our best to help you.